Monday, September 2, 2013

So here we are again its now the 2nd September 2013, and the picture above reflects some of the people, places, events and animals who have made my life here so much better over the last 3 years.  There will be more be warned.

We are now into I think the seventh week, if not more of no good amount of rain.  There are no complaints from me however as the land is being maintained to a small extent by the sheep.

I will post later on the pictures I have taken of them together with the new castrated ram Jo who is rather wonderful.

I really must press on with the housework and gardening as Caleb is due back this evening to recommence school tomorrow - he has a been away from here for 3 days (helping his mum house sit for a friend).  Ah well it has taken a time for me to get back on but there you go.

I will write some more this evening when Caleb is in bed - perhaps.

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